Heart Corner Bookmarks

Heart Corner Bookmarks

This year, I was looking to make some heart corner bookmarks for Valentine’s Day and found so many different ways to fold them that I had to try them all.

And, of course, use them to make my own cute designs.

This one is probably the most difficult folding technique, but if your kids are into origami; then, they will end up loving them. Once they understand the process, they won’t stop making heart bookmarks.

If you want to learn about the other folding methods, I linked them at the end of this post. I’m sure you’ll like all the adorable designs.

For these bookmarks, I decided to start with something that reminds me purely of Valentine’s Day, and that is conversation hearts!

These colorful hearts are the perfect gift for classmates and friends on this special occasion and include a little note that will make them smile.

You can use this tutorial to make your own heart designs or replicate our cute conversation hearts by getting the printable templates.

Conversation Hearts Corner Bookmarks

How to Make Heart Corner Bookmarks

As I mentioned before, this folding method is a little tricky.

That’s why I included both written instructions and a video. Just pick the one that fits your kids’ learning style better.


These are the materials that we used to make our conversation heart bookmarks:

  • Conversation Heart Bookmark Templates (get them right after the video)
  • Paper & Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Heart Bookmark Instructions

  1. Print and cut the template.
Cut bookmark template
  1. Fold the square along the diagonals and then unfold it.
Square folded along the diagonals
  1. Bring the top of the square to the bottom. (Fold in half)
Square folded in half
  1. Take the top layer and fold it to the middle crease line. Unfold.

Check the photo below to see how it should look like.

Fold the top layer and fold it until the middle
  1. Push in the left and right sides to make a triangular shape.
Fold in the left and right edges
  1. Fold down the top layer of the triangle and take each corner to the peak of it. Crease well.

This is the tricky step: pay close attention to the pictures.

Fold down the top layer
  1. So far, your bookmark should be looking like this. Now, fold the top structure down.
Fold the structure down
  1. Bring the bottom edge of the structure halfway up.
Bring the bottom of the structure to the middle
  1. Take the top-layer down and flatten the left and right sides.
Open the pocket and flatten the sides
  1. Fold a triangle from the edge on both sides.
Fold the corners
  1. Fold tiny triangles at the pointy peaks to make the heart look more rounded.
Fold the peaks
  1. Apply glue and fold the structure back up.
Fold the structure up

Your bookmarks are ready to steal some hearts!

Conversation Heart Bookmarks

Video – Origami Conversation Heart Bookmarks

I know this folding technique can be a little confusing.

If you still have any doubts, watch the video tutorial below to see how I folded my heart bookmark step-by-step.

Conversation Heart Bookmark Templates

The conversation heart bookmark templates come in 5 different colors, and each one has a special note:

  • Pink – Love You
  • Green – You Rock
  • Yellow – XOXO
  • Orange – Smile
  • Blue – You Shine

You can get them all, and three other Valentine’s Day bookmark templates by clicking the link below.


*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell, share, or distribute the files.

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