Owl Corner Bookmark

Owl Bookmarks

As you know, I’m making different heart bookmarks.

This time, I decided to use the traditional folding technique to make these Owl Corner Bookmarks.

They are super adorable and convenient for Valentine’s Day.

Your kids can hand them out as an interactive gift that I’m sure their friends will love.

Or, you can use them as party favors, Sunday school crafts, or as a mess-free classroom activity.

This fun craft will get your kids started into origami and help them develop their fine motor skills.

If they have basic scissor skills, then they will be able to put together these bookmarks.

To make these cute owls, you can get the printable templates at the end of this post.

Ready to make these hoot-iful bookmarks?

Valentine's Day Owl Bookmarks

How to Make an Owl Corner Bookmark

To make an owl corner bookmark, first, you have to assemble a basic origami bookmark.

Then, just cut and paste the owl parts on top.

If you are new to the DIY bookmark world, check out the written instructions below. I included images and descriptions of each step.

And if you want to see how I folded this bookmark in detail, you can also watch the video tutorial. You can find it right above the written one. 


To make these easy bookmarks, all you need is:

  • Owl Bookmark Template (Get it at the end of the post)
  • Paper & Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Video – Origami Owl Bookmark

Watch this video to learn how to make an owl corner bookmark using our printable templates.


  1. Print and cut the owl template.
Owl bookmark template
  1. Fold the square paper in half to make a triangle. Make sure to leave both pink triangles on top.
Square piece folded into a triangle
  1. Crease the edges of the pink triangles to make the next steps easier.
Pink triangles' edges creased
  1. Flip over the whole piece.
Triangle flipped over
  1. Fold the top corner of the top layer to the bottom. This will create a pocket.
Top corner folded to the bottom
  1. Take the right corner and tuck it inside the pocket. Do the same with the left corner.
Left and right corners tucked into the pocket
  1. Glue the heart in the middle of the bookmark. Then, attach the eyes on top and glue the beak in the middle-bottom of the eyes. 
Gluing owl parts on top of the bookmark

Hooh! Hooh! Your owl bookmarks are ready to fly into your books.

Owl Origami Bookmarks

Owl Bookmark Printable

I made these bookmarks in three different colors: red, pink, and brown.

They fit Valentine’s Day festivities perfectly, and the brown one can also be used during fall.

These templates come along with three other heart-shaped bookmarks. Get them all by clicking the link below.


*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell, share, or distribute the files.

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