DIY Monster Corner Bookmarks

Monster Bookmarks

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to read Monster books, and what goes better with those books than Monster Bookmarks!

These bookmarks are adorable and will prove that monsters are not scary at all. Perfect for kids of all ages, especially those scared of monsters.

In this post, I share 4 different monsters. You can make them exactly like us, or you can mix and match the pieces to make some unique creatures. You can also let your kids make their own parts to let their imagination flow.

We found these printable templates to be especially useful for classrooms and parties. This way, you only print a copy for every kid and don’t have to worry about anything else!

If you are ready to make these DIY monster bookmarks, scroll down and get your creative mode on!

Monster Corner Bookmarks

How to Make a Monster Bookmark

Designing these monster bookmarks was so much fun! I tried to create some unique creatures that will look different from one another and ended up with 4 different monster bookmarks.

I created them using two different techniques. One very quick that only requires 2 folds. And an origami corner bookmark that takes a little bit longer, but it is equally fun. It’s also very easy, we use it in almost all of our Halloween Bookmarks

For any of these monster bookmarks, you will need paper and printer, scissors, glue, and our Monster Bookmark Templates.

Below, I show you the step-by-step instructions to fold each of our 4 bookmarks. And there is also a video tutorial if you are more of a visual learner. Click here to go right to the video.

Ready to make these monstrously cool bookmarks?

Green Monster

  1. Print and cut the green monster template.
Print and cut green monster template
  1. Take the square and fold diagonally to the right. Unfold it.
Fold diagonally
  1. Now fold it diagonally to the left, as shown below.
Fold diagonally
  1. Flip over your triangle and bring the top layer down.
Flip over and fold down
  1. Bring the left and right corners to the top. Crease well.
Fold the corners up
  1. Insert the corners into the pocket.
Put corners into pocket
  1. Glue the mouth inside the bookmark, the teeth under the pocket, and the eyes behind it.
Glue eyes, mouth, and teeth

Your green monster is completed! Don’t you think it is super fun?

Green Monster Origami Bookmark

Pink Monster

  1. Print and cut the pink monster template.
Print and cut pink monster template
  1. Take the L piece and flip it over. Then, fold one square to the middle.
Fold one square
  1. Apply glue all over the squares.
Apply glue
  1. Fold the other square to the middle and glue it.
Fold other square
  1. Glue the eye and mouth on top of your bookmark, and the horn behind it.
Glue eye, mouth, and horns

Your pink bookmark is ready to read some books!

Pink Monster Bookmark

Orange Monster

  1. Print and cut the orange monster template.
Print and cut the orange monster bookmark template
  1. Fold the square in half diagonally. Make sure to keep both sides of the monster on top.
Fold in half
  1. Flip the triangle over and fold the top layer down to make a pocket.
Bring top layer down
  1. Fold both side corners to the top. Be careful to align the eyes when you fold.
Bring corners up
  1. Tuck the side corners into the pocket.
Tuck corners inside the pocket
  1. Glue the mouth inside the bookmark, the hair under it, and the teeth behind the pocket.
Glue hair, mouth, and teeth

Your orange bookmark only has eyes for you!

Origami Orange Monster Bookmark

Furry Monster

  1. Print and cut the furry monster template.
Print and cut the furry monster bookmark template

TIP: To cut the circle in the middle of the red piece, go through the red line on top.

  1. Take the yellow piece and flip it over. Then, fold the right square to the middle.
Fold right square to the middle
  1. Apply glue over the square you just folded.
Put glue on the square
  1. Fold the left square to the middle and paste it.
Fold left square on top
  1. Glue the red fur on top of the yellow face. Make sure to align the top first.
Glue fur on the face
  1. Cut out the yellow excess on the bottom and sides.
Cut out the yellow tips

You completed the furry monster! How cute is it?

Furry Monster Bookmark

Monster Corner Bookmarks Video Tutorial

Making these monster bookmarks is easy peasy! Watch the tutorial below to see how I made them.

You can also go right to my Youtube channel for timestamps, and to subscribe for more fun crafts using printables.

Printable Monster Bookmark Template

To make these cute monster corner bookmarks, we used some easy templates included in my Halloween Bookmark Bundle.

Get the bundle by clicking the link below and start making your own monsters!


*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell, share, or distribute the files.

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DIY Monster Bookmarks
Monster bookmarks

Monster Bookmarks

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