5 DIY healthy Easter treats

Treats for a Healthier Easter Basket

5 Ideas for a healthier Easter basket

Easter is coming and what a better way to fill those baskets than with healthy treats made with fruits and cereals. The best part, it’s super easy – I tried them myself just to make sure!

Why don’t you try something different this upcoming Easter?

5 DIY Healthy Easter Treats on a white table

I’m personally a fan of healthy snacks, also, a fan of DIYs; and the following recipes combine the best of both worlds!

Maybe this is also what you are looking for. Something healthy and tasty that can replace all those candies that your kids want to have on the holidays.

These can make beautiful Easter gifts, basket fillers, or you can make them with your kids, as an Easter activity.

And guess what? They are all made with fruits, cereals and without all those ingredients that we can’t even pronounce; but most importantly, your kids will love them because they are actually delicious!

Some of these treats are my childhood all-time favorites, and others, are treats I found on Pinterest and tried myself to see if they actually work and taste as they say (links included).

Some took quite a lot of time while others were super quick, you can choose what you prefer!

Since Easter is coming, I also decided to make some printable Treat bag toppers and Tags to go along with these sweets. You can check the links if you like them.

Now let’s get into the recipes!

Mango fruit leather

Mango Fruit Leather rolls in transparent bags with Some bunny loves you gift tags

First off, I want to start with my favorite treat: Fruit Leather!

It is something that I always used to make with my grandma when I was a child and I love it until now.

I recently made it with the little ones and they really loved all the process even though it took a lot of time and patience.

Do I think it is worth all the time? ABSOLUTELY!

Check the recipe to make your own Mango Fruit Leather.

Check the Some bunny gift tags.

Healthy bunny bait

Healthy Bunny Bait Bag with cute bunny eating a carrot bag topper

This is can be a great dupe for the classical Bunny Bait given away on Easter. It is the quickest and easiest idea of all.

You can even pack it as an Easter surprise in your kids’ lunchbox!

This is a “healthy version” but feel free to include other goodies that you might want such as M&Ms, marshmallows or jelly beans.

Check this Bunny Bait mix.

Check the Bunny Bait Bag Toppers.

Coconut Balls

Bags of Coconut balls with toppers that read Bunny Tails next to a bunny tail illustration

I love these ones for Easter because they look like little fluffy bunny tails (remind me of my rabbit’s tail ❤).

I found them on Pinterest and decided to give them a try, the best part is that they only contain Good Fats which will make you feel filled up a little quicker.

An awesome option to satisfy a sweet craving!

Here you can find the recipe to make these coconut balls.

Check the Bunny Tails Bag Toppers

Fruit Gummies

Bags of orange gummies with toppers of bunnies kissing

Who doesn’t love gummies?

What better than gummies made with fruits and veggies!

I found an Orange & Carrot gummies recipe and couldn’t say no. I replaced the Stevia with honey (added a little more) and used a cubes mold instead of bear molds.

It was very easy and mine just took one and a half hours on the fridge (maybe less but I didn’t check), I don’t know if that was supposed to happen so quickly, but it did, and it made me happy haha

I also made a strawberry version of this recipe but the orange one was definitely my favorite!

Check the Orange Gummies recipe.

Check the Bunny Kisses Gift Tags

Apple chips

Apple chips in bags with gift tags featuring rabbits and a chick that say Happy Easter!

These are delicious!

I made them with the kids and they actually devoured them in 1/4 of the time we took to make them!

Our apples were very sweet so I only added 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and another of cinnamon before putting them in the oven.

After two and a half hours, I took them out of the oven even though they were still soft; once I let them cool, most of them got hard and crunchy.

I put the ones that didn’t, back in the oven for another 10-20 mins. At this point, you gotta be careful because they can burn in a second (that happened to a couple of my chips).

You can find the Apple Chips here.

Check the Happy Easter Tags

Are you ready to try any of these ideas? Fill those Easter baskets with all these healthy treats!

Did you miss the printables? Here are some quick links to get them on my Etsy Shop:

Make your healthy treats, use some printables and celebrate Easter!

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