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Free Printable Back to School Word Search

Getting ready for the first day of school?

Get this free printable Back to School Word Search with words related to this special day.

Bring it into your classroom for your students to calm down and get used to their new environment. Or, let them work in groups for an easy team-building activity that will allow them to get to know each other without any pressure.

You can also extend this activity by asking your students to write sentences with the words they find. 

If you are a mom, feel free to use this word search at home, especially if your kids are nervous. Just give them this fun activity to take their minds off of it and make them look forward to their first day.

Besides being a useful resource, this word search can also help kids develop word and letter recognition, improve spelling, introduce new vocabulary, and enhance analytical skills.

And, almost everyone will know how to find and circle the words without you having to provide any additional instructions.

Super easy, right?

Get yours at the end of this post!

School Days Word Search

Printable Back to School Word Search

This back-to-school word search puzzle is great for grades 3 and up, as it has 20 short-to-mid length hidden words that can be found in all directions (up, down, right, and left).

Those words are:

  • Books
  • School
  • Teacher
  • Crayons
  • Principal
  • Friends
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Students
  • Computer
  • Backpack
  • Notebooks
  • Classroom
  • Homework
  • Art
  • Math
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

To play, click the link at the end of this post and download your word search printable.

Then, print as many copies as you need on regular white paper. You can use them as they are or laminate them to use them again in the future.

Give your kids some crayons, highlighters, or dry-erase markers (if you laminated), and let them find all the words listed.

As I mentioned above, you can let your children relax and find the words at their own pace.

But if they are a bit more competitive, you can turn it into a quick contest to see who finds all the words first.

And, remember that if you can’t find a word, you can always take a peek at the answer key by clicking here.

Bring your kids back into class with this Back to School Word Search!


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