Earth Day Word Search

Earth Day Word Search Puzzle

What a better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a fun printable game?

That’s why I designed this cute Earth Day word search puzzle that can also be used as an educational resource in your classroom.

It includes 20 hidden words about the environment, conservation, and recycling.

Perfect for improving spelling, learning new vocabulary related to protecting our planet, and developing problem-solving and analytical skills.

I recommend using this printable with kids in grades 3 to 5, but older children and adults will love it as well!

It can also be used with younger kids that know how to read and write. To make it easier for them, I put the word list is in upper case, so the letters look identical to the search puzzle.

Feel free to use this activity at home or hand it out in the classroom as a fun Earth Day worksheet.

And don’t forget to talk about what makes our planet so unique and how we can take care of it!

By the way, go ahead and print as many copies of this game as you need. But if you want to share it online, please link to this post and not directly to the PDF files. This way, I can continue to create more free printables for you. 💚

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Earth Day Word Search

Printable Earth Day Word Search

The 20 Earth-themed words to find are:

  • April
  • Earth
  • Nature
  • Plants
  • Reuse
  • Climate
  • Ecology
  • Ocean
  • Pollution
  • Water
  • Tree
  • Compost
  • Ozone
  • Recycle
  • Planet
  • Environment
  • Habitat
  • Reduce
  • Wildlife
  • Conservation

These words can be spelled forward, backward, diagonally, up, or down. Challenging enough to keep your kids entertained!

To get this word search, just scroll to the end of this post and download it.

Then, print it on regular white paper and laminate it if you plan to reuse it in the upcoming years.

Now it’s time to play!

Just let your children find each Earth day word listed and mark them with coloring pencils, highlighters, or water-based markers (in case you laminated your games).

And if they get stuck on any word, you can always take a look at the answer key. Just click here to see it.

Easy peasy, right?

Get your own game by clicking the link below and start having fun on this special day!


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*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell or distribute the files. If you want to share them, please link to this post and not directly to the PDF files.

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