Roll a Leprechaun (Printable Game)

Roll a Leprechaun

St. Patrick’s Day tends to be an overlooked holiday, but we think it’s always important to learn about different traditions and create our own.

This time, we came up with the idea of a Roll a Leprechaun game after the little ones got obsessed with these creatures over the Ten Little Leprechauns song.

We’ve played this type of game before, and it’s always a big hit among the little ones.

The grown-ups love it too. In fact, that’s the best part of this game; it can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages.

It’s also fun to play it at classroom parties and practice cutting and folding skills, number recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

Roll a Leprechaun Game Supplies

To play this game, you will only need a couple of items:

  • Printable Roll a Leprechaun Game. It includes the game card, a DIY die, and the leprechaun pieces ready to cut out.
  • Printer and paper or cardstock.
  • Scissors to cut the pieces out.
  • Glue, only for assembling the die.

How To Play Roll A Leprechaun

To start, go and get the Roll a Leprechaun Game at the end of this post.

It comes in a PDF file ready to print.

The first page features the game card with the instructions, the game key, and the leprechaun’s body.

The second page includes a die for you to assemble and all the parts to complete one leprechaun.

The third page contains 2 additional sets of parts to make 2 more leprechauns.

Print a game card for each player and the necessary sets of parts.

Keep in mind that you can play in groups with only one die.

Roll a leprechaun printable

We decided to print the game card on regular paper, and the leprechaun’s parts, on cardstock for durability.

Let your kids cut out all the accessories and set them aside.

Roll a leprechaun parts

Assemble the die. Fold through the green lines to make a cube and apply glue onto the flaps to secure it.

DIY die

Take turns rolling the die and collecting the piece for the number you get.

Add that piece to the leprechaun’s body according to the illustration at the bottom right corner of the game card.

For example, if you roll a 2, you should pick the hat and add it on top of the leprechaun’s face.

If someone rolls a number for a part they already have, they miss their turn.

The first person to complete the leprechaun wins!

Watch the video below to see how to play this roll-a-leprechaun game.

Leprechaun Game Variations

  • If your child is on their own, let them roll the die at their own pace until they complete the leprechaun. You can let them use a timer to calculate how long they take and beat their own record.
  • If playing in groups, you can add an extra rule and make them roll their pieces in a particular order. They will have to skip turns until they roll the number they need.
  • You could also add the rule of not lifting the pieces once they are on. This means that the kids have to be strategic on what parts they add first.
  • If you play this game with preschoolers, you can let them glue their pieces and display the end product to decorate your home or class.

Ready to start playing and making your own leprechauns?

*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell, share, or distribute the files.

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