The 2023 Year in Review Printable

Year In Review Printable

New year’s Eve is the perfect time for celebrating and reflecting on the year that’s passed. 

That’s why I designed this Year In Review printable to make it easier for you and your kids. 

It is the perfect way to record all the important details in your child’s life, including:

  • Their current favorite song, color, book, and movie
  • Their favorite memory of the year
  • The biggest lesson they learned
  • The accomplishment they are most proud of
  • The thing they are most grateful for
  • The thing they loved the most
  • One goal for next year

There is also an area for them to draw a self-portrait, write their name under it, and add their age.

As you can see, this 2023 Year In Review is the perfect way to preserve some memories from this year and see how things have changed.

It is also a great activity for spending time together on New Year’s Eve with your kids when you’re waiting for midnight to arrive.

And guess what, you can also complete a questionnaire on your own as the questions work for people of every age. (If you have younger kids, you can write their answers for them).

There is no reason for you to miss out on the fun!

Fill a copy of this printable every year as a keepsake or include it in your Family Time Capsule if you decide to make one and open it in several years.

Free Printable Year In Review

Year in Review Printable for Kids

To get started, download your Year in review printable by clicking the link at the end of this post.

There are two versions of this printable available. The first one is a colorful page ready to fill in, while the second one is black and white for your kids to color in and decorate however they want.

Then, print a copy for everyone in your family and have them fill out the page starting with the year at the “Best of …” area.

What your kids will enjoy the most about this activity is doing it with you and sharing a tradition with the people they love. So, don’t hesitate to join in, even if you don’t really want to look back on your thoughts.

Finally, have fun sharing everyone’s answers and store your questionnaires in a safe place to check them out again in the future and compare your responses.

Ready to record your favorite moments from 2023?

Get your free printable by clicking the link below and start this new family tradition!


*Please remember that these printables are for personal use only. You may not sell or distribute the files. If you want to share them, please link to this post and not directly to the PDF files.

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Free Printable 2023 Year In Review
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Free Printable Year in Review For Kids

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