Paper Plate Apples

Paper Plate Apple Craft For Kids

Apple season is here, which means it’s time to make some cute apple-themed crafts with your kids! This time I brought this Paper Plate Apple Craft that is super simple and perfect for preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten kids. It has many benefits for the youngest at home, such as developing their fine motor skills, improving […]

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Leaf Suncatcher Craft

Leaf Suncatcher Craft

One of the top reasons we love fall is seeing nature change around us. Just stepping outside and seeing leaves changing colors is magical. And the weather being cool makes it perfect for exploring the outdoors with your kids. While exploring nature is fun on its own, doing it with a purpose is even better!

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Printable Monster Puppets

Printable Monster Puppets

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to make monster crafts, and this year couldn’t be the exception. These printable Monster Puppets are an easy and fun craft that will entertain your little kids during this spooky month.  You can also use them to help your preschoolers overcome their fear of monsters. Playing with

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Apple Corner Bookmarks

Apple Bookmark Corner

This week, we have been all about folding fruit bookmarks. And to complete our collection, this time, we are making an apple bookmark. I had a couple of other fruits in mind but ended up picking this one because we can also use it as a back-to-school craft. If you are a mom, you can

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Pineapple Corner Bookmarks

Pineapple Corner Bookmarks

For a long time, I have been willing to make a pineapple bookmark design. And with the hot temps hitting our region, there couldn’t have been a better opportunity. Of course, I couldn’t just make a pineapple, so I created a special Fruit Bookmark Collection, including a watermelon, a strawberry, and an apple. You can

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Strawberry Corner Bookmarks

Strawberry Corner Bookmarks

Summer is here, and with it comes a big list of books to read during the holidays. Naturally, not all kids find that exciting. But there are many things you can try to encourage some summer reading. Ideas like starting a Summer Reading Challenge, having a reading picnic outdoors, or making a fun craft like

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DIY Watermelon Bookmarks

Watermelon Bookmarks

Do your kids have a summer bucket list? If so, hopefully, they included a little bit of reading. But if they didn’t, you can encourage them to open up some books by making these cute watermelon bookmarks. I promise that your little ones will enjoy making them and would want to use them ASAP! They

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Origami Butterfly

Origami Butterfly

Want to learn how to make an easy origami butterfly? You are in the right place! After completing this cute origami frog, it was time to take it up a notch and try another animal origami, that is just as simple for both kids and adults. In this post, I’ll show you the step-by-step instructions

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DIY Butterfly Corner Bookmark

DIY Butterfly Corner Bookmarks

One of our favorite spring-time activities is watching butterflies complete metamorphosis. Luckily enough, we have been able to plant a banana passionfruit, and caterpillars love eating it, which means we can watch them transform into beautiful butterflies right in our garden. To celebrate this incredible experience, we decided to make these cute butterfly corner bookmarks.

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Dragonfly Corner Bookmarks

Dragonfly Corner Bookmark

It’s time for another bug bookmark design! I’ve gotten many requests for a dragonfly corner bookmark that I definitely had to make one for this summer. You might already know this, but I love making bookmarks with kids as it always encourages them to read right after they finish crafting. And who doesn’t like that,

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